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Traditional Topics of TWB Symposium

The development of telecommunications backbone network:

  • Fiber-optic cable systems TAE, TAT, SEA-ME-WE
  • Eurasian transnational information superhighway TEIS
  • State and transnational projects interworking
  • International and national traffic exchange points

Convergence and management of the new technologies and services, prospective vendor solutions:

  • Solutions for NGN
  • 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, WiMAX and LTE solutions, Femtocell Technology
  • Hosting-providing, Coloccation and  Outsourcing
  • The integration of fixed and mobile
  • Integration of traditional TDM, DWDM, and VoIP services
  • Convergence of IP-based solutions to integrate data, voice, video and multimedia applications
  • Cloud computing: solutions and software
  • Mediation-system for switched and IP-based networks
  • OSS / BSS systems
  • Content delivery network (CDN), colocation and hosting services
  • Development and implementation of content applications and services
  • IT Training and Consulting
  • IC projects for banking, education and management
  • Technology Mobile Payments, Mobile Security for Banking, Mobile Banking and e-payments
  • Services to international telecommunications networks for businesses

Special Sections of TWB

Odessa-2011. Specialized section "Information and Communication PROJECTS". The goal is to discuss the project of consortium for the consruction of Europe Persia Express Gateway (EPEG) cable system by Rostelecom, Cable &  Wireless, Telecommunications Infrastructure Company (TIC) and Omantel

This project is supposed to connect Europe and the Middle East from Frankfurt to Oman through Russia, Iran and the Persian Gulf. The Endpoints are Frankfurt and Muscat.

Cable & Wireless organizes the backbone connecting Europe with the Ukraine to the Russian border.

Rostelecom manages the connection from the Russian-Ukrainian border to Azerbaijan and through Azerbaijan to Iran. TIC (Iran) provides the connection from Iran to the Persian Gulf. Omantel (Oman) manages a line up to Oman

The EPEG system in Muscat would be connected to Europe India Gateway (EIG) cable system, which connects the UK, Portugal, Gibraltar, Monaco, France, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Oman, UAE and India. EIG was commercially launched in February 2011

The EPEG as an alternative route to bypass the cable systems in the Red Sea will complement the existing submarine and terrestrial systems and will play an important role in the traffic transit in case of earthquakes and natural disasters that may damage the existing backbones. The EPEG will expand the cable capacities under the ever-increasing volumes of traffic from the Middle East and North Africa, Central Asia, Russia and Europe

  • The capacity of cable system will make more than 0,5 Тbps
  • The EPEG expansion will be more than 6 thousand km
  • The approximate value will make more than $ 200 million
  • The EPEG should be launched in operation on May 2012
  • The work on the construction of submarine and terrestrial segments starts on May 2011


Participation of Poland, Ukraine and Azerbaijan in the implementation of the project EPEG - organizational, technical and economic aspects

Transit through Iran - Opportunities and Challenges

Competition with existing cable systems or coordination and cooperation?


Preparation for Euro-2012 - Proposal for IT-solutions:

Networking solutions for infrastructure (stadiums, airports, train stations, hotels, places of food and entertainment) football championship Euro-2012:


  • wireless broadband network (technology Wi-Fi, WiMax, 3G), the basic platform support
  • broadband network and transmission of multimedia information (services based on VoIP, Video o IP)


Information systems and hardware and software to support:


  • multimedia contact centers
  • conference system and warning system
  • control user access to network and information resources
  • network management and monitoring of networks
  • system organization of the operational and dispatch services
  • admission system and the management of electronic payments


Marketing and advertising of telecommunications services and specialized content services to guests and participants of the Euro 2012


ENUM - the adoption in Ukraine

  • Problems of developing a System of numbering and addressing in accordance with the ENUM protocol
  • A feasible models for implementation of the ENUM in Ukraine
  • Software products requirements for creation of the Ukrainian numbering and addressing system according to the ENUM protocol
  • Problems of cooperation between operators, Internet service providers, administrators of the National Registry of ENUM and registrars
  • Implementation technological aspects of the System of numbering and addressing in accordance with the protocol ENUM in the Ukrainian segments of the Internet fixed and mobile
  • Financial calculations problems for the implementation and provision of the ENUM service

Number Portability/Mobile Number Portability - the problems of implementation

  • Problematic issues of development and organization of the procedures of supply NP/MNP
  • Key administrative, technical and regulatory aspects of NP/MNP
  • Regulatory influence on operators' in the implementation and provision processes of NP/MNP
  • Problematic issues of the inter-operator cooperation in the medium of NP/MNP
  • Processes and algorithms of the operators' cooperation including specific examples of restructuring schemes of databases and transaction processing algorithms, specific technological schemes of interconnection
  • Financial calculations problems of the NP/MNP services implementation and provision
  • Peculiarities of the pilot areas formation for NP/MNP

Building a National Traffic Exchange Network in Ukraine

  • Issues of organizational and technical experience of the traffic point exchange organization
  • Financial calculations problems of members of the National Network traffic exchange,
  • The critical elements of NGN infrastructure and traffic exchange network as one of such elements
  • Development of NGN services
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