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R&DC TWB invite the Experts in the field of telecommunications, economics, management and ICT

The intensification of global competition and the development of information and communication technologies (ICTs) lead to major changes in the economies of the CIS, which can be described as deindustrialization. Today, despite the crisis, there is rapid growth of information sector of the economy, which causes significant changes in the labor market and socio-economic dynamics of the states. ICTs are central to the renewal and restructuring of key areas: production, transport, commerce, education, healthcare, government, industry and recreation shows, catering, household and leisure, media, social services, urban management, social and cultural life . All this makes the necessary improvement and further development of not only statistics, communication and information, but also a system for collecting and processing information. The project aims - the establishment of the Expert - Center, attracting leading experts in the field of telecommunications and the economy for the analysis of the trends in the ICT sector


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