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Research of ICT market’s services:

  • The methodology for the analysis of ICT market’s services
  • Entry barriers to markets and problems of defining market boundaries
  • Marketing approaches to the study of the ICT market’s services
  • The impact new technologies on the listing of ICT market’s services
  • Problems of competition regulation in NGN.
  • Experience of the European Union and the CIS to introduce new e-communication services

New technologies and services in the e-communications:

  • New networks - new technologies: NGN, LTE, 3-4G, WiMAX
  • NGN platform for fixed and mobile networks
  • Key aspects of the impact of e-communication on the development of the EU and the CIS
  • Prospects of the implementation and management of new services: OTT, MNP, ENUM, Cloud Computing
  • Infrastructure sharing in e-Communications: Challenges and Prospects
  • New types of ICT services and their impact on the interaction of operators and content - providers

Tariff setting in thee-communications:

  • Tariff model for traffic services in the e-Communications
  • Tariff models for NGN: interconnect problems
  • Regulatory accounting principles: Models of separate accounting of costs
  • Especially accounting and finance in the formation of the cost of e-communications services
  • Tariffs for roaming services: objectives and results
  • Interconnection: regulatory and market aspects
  • Methods and approaches to tariffs for e-communications services and content development

Human Resource Management:

  • HRM models and systems: Telco Personnel Policy
  • Staff motivation in reducing the amount of administrative and operational costs
  • Forms of payment while optimizing activities of telecommunications operators
  • The problem of reducing the number of personnel and their solutions
  • Centers of training and retraining of personnel in the context of e-Communications
  • New approaches to the formation of lists of occupations and professions in the field of ICT
  • Modern methods and techniques of training specialists in the field of ICT
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