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Activity of the R&DC "Telecommunications without Borders" is aimed at implementing a wide range of scientific and practical commercial and promotional activities of business and science in the field of ICT and Telecommunications. We are actively cooperating with govern-ment authorities, international organizations and associations to provide the international seminars, conferences, symposia and congresses

The main activities of the R&D Centre "Telecommunications without borders" are concentrated in the area of:

Economic Research:

  • Service reorganization of company management, including development of optimal models for constructing the organizational structure of a vertically - integrated organizations
  • Service audit of financial - economic activity operators, telecommunications providers
  • Modeling study of the structure and activities of operators, telecommunications providers using mathematical and statistical models and methods of forecasting economic development
  • Develop a methodology for calculating tariffs for telecommunication services
  • Analysis of European law on the regulation of tariffs in the European Union
  • Perform complex analysis of the markets of telecommunications services
  • Provision of information - analytical services in the area of regulation of telecommunications, postal services, telecommunications Ukraine


Technical Research:


  • Development of business plans for the establishment and modernization of telecommunications operators, the introduction of new services
  • Development of a feasibility study on construction and reconstruction of telecommunication multi-service networks for operators / providers of telecommunications
  • Design work on the construction and reconstruction of the hub equipment of outside plant and network
  • Information and consultancy services:
  • Auditing and financial analysis of companies
  • Advice and support on the certification of telecommunication equipment in Ukraine
  • Advice and support on licensing of telecommunications services in Ukraine
  • The annual International Symposium "Telecommunications without borders" (organizer and sole owner of the trademark "International Symposium of the operators and providers of telecommunications" Telecommunications without Borders (TWB)")


In 2009-2014 the center developed:


  • The methodology of the operators with significant market power (the original decision on the integrated definition of the market share of the operator)
  • Classifier telecommunication services
  • Classifier operating costs of telecommunications operators
  • Rules for submission, approval and reporting of investment plans of telecommunications operators in determining the size of the investment component rates
  • Method of determining tariffs for access and interconnection
  • Recommendations for the reorganization of OAO UKRSPETSSTROY (SVEMON)
  • The calculation of tariffs for telecommunication services operator LTD "Golden Telecom"
  • The calculation of tariffs for telecommunication services operator CJSC Ukrainian Radio Systems "
  • The technique of separate accounting of the costs of telecommunications services to telecommunications operators in Ukraine
  • By order of the Ukrainian Association of telecom operators “TELAS” and JSC “Giprosvyaz” in Research "Principles of tariffs for access to the wired telecommunications infrastructure”, we have developed a Model calculation and the Procedure for revising tariffs for access to the wired telecommunications infrastructure.
  • By order of the Eurasian Development Bank, we have made the industry report, "Integration processes in the telecommunications sector of CIS countries"
  • In accordance with the decision of the Scientific and Technical Council of the National Commission for Communications Regulation of Ukraine, we developed a Draft procedure for establishing tariffs for the services of traffic transmission in telecommunication networks of Ukrainian telecommunication operators
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