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ELECTROSVJAZ – a monthly science & technology magazine on telecommunications, television and radio broadcasting. It was founded in 1933. It is distributed in Russia, CIS countries and abroad. Main topics: Events, Analytical, scientific and technical articles, Advanced researches of domestic and foreign companies, Economics and marketing, Education and personnel training for ICT, Exhibition

Information Communication Agency presents:
Information Bulletin "Operator.TELECOMMUNICATION NEWS" is ssued weekly. Designedfor senior executives, managers and specialists of marketing divisions.
Fact sheet "Information security news" is issued twice a month. Focuses onprofessionalinformation services, information security departments of various institutions.
Information Collection "MARKET OF DATA CENTERS IN RUSSIA" is issuedmonthly. It is intended to inform the enterprises – participants of the market data centers.
Information-analytical bulletin "The mobile market and BWA IN RUSSIA AND CIS" is issued monthly. Introduces a complete picture of events in the mobile market and the BWA.

Magazine "Wireless Ukraine"

Topics: informing readers about the wireless and mobile communications in Ukraine. The magazine is designed for decision makers in matters of wireless technologies and mobile communications, guided in a variety of products and services offered by the market. «Wireless Ukraine» is aimed at leaders of IT-departments, technical directors, owners, telecommunications companies.

«Wireless Ukraine» is published quarterly and covers all the significant events in the telecommunications market.

Each reader may ask a lawyer or a technician to get him qualified answer, post articles, voice thought.

Magazine is distributed to all regions of Ukraine and CIS countries.

The magazine is delivered through targeted mailing to agencies and corporate organizations, as well as in specialized exhibitions, conferences and other events.

THE ASSOCIATION of telecommunication, IT and Internet companies "UKRAINIAN NETWORK INFORMATION CENTER" (hereinafter referred to as the Association) is a nonprofitable nonpublic organization - open to participation association of telecommunication, IT and Internet companies which has been founded by independent organizations of Internet operators/providers at the expense of founders’ investments with the aim of carrying out socially useful activity on administration of address space in the Ukrainian segment of the Internet, servicing and administration of the registry and domain name system of .UA top level domain. The Association carries out its activity according to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decree     No. 447-р of July 22, 2003. The association accomplishes activities and is responsible for administering and servicing of address space of  Ukrainian segment in Internet,  registry and domain name systems in the top level domain .UA, including keeping and servicing of registries and domain name systems which are expressed by means of Cyrrilic and Ukrainian language characters, systems and registries of universal identifiers (ENUM), arrangement of conditions for registration, delegation and technical operability of of domain names in .UA domain (and in Cyrillic top level domains purpose of addressing of which is the same) in the interests of Ukrainian and global Internet community and in the interests of development of global domain name system which is administered by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) or other organization designated by international community and recognized by the Government of Ukraine. The Association technically supports, controls and protects the registry and domain name servers in .UA domain and adjacent registries of other addressing systems with the purpose of common computer (information and telecommunication) networks development, satisfaction of users’ needs, development and use of Internet information and network infrastructure in Ukraine.

Magazine Telecom edition offers a comprehensive analysis of technological, organizational, political and economic aspects of development, implementation and management of ICT solutions for medium and large businesses. The main themes: Corporate and institutional telecommunications, local and wide area networks, Internet and intranet, equipment certification, information security and information security, software, technology and standards, data storage systems, modern telecommunications equipment, technology trends in global and domestic markets infocommunications. Readership. Managers and specialists of large and medium-sized companies, responsible for corporate information, and telecommunication systems. Activity on the market. TELECOM is the organizer of several conferences on the server-based technologies, wireless networks, information security, etc. In addition, the journal actively participates in various workshops, roundtables, exhibitions and is a media sponsor of many key industry events.

HiTech.Expert is an internet project dealing with leading technologies in the Ukrainian market. Each day the site delivers the most pertinent and objective analysis on: mobile and fixed communication, space, wireless technologies, network security, electronics, IT, television, internet, science, exhibitions, seminars and conferences. Informative collaboration with leading Ukrainian and foreign companies is achieved. Preparation of press releases and papers, analytical market research and consulting services for companies.

Ukrainian Telecom Portal

Information Telecommunication Networks is the professional magazine in Kazakhstan for specialists in the field telecommunications and information technologies. The magazine is an industry-wise publication earmarked for professionals responsible for management and technical decision-making. The magazine covers the most important events and processes unwrapping in Kazakhstan and throughout the world, gives comprehensive analysis of the telecommunication equipment market, and also highlights the issues of state and legal regulation in the industry.


ELECTROSVJAZ – a monthly science & technology magazine on telecommunications, television and radio broadcasting. It was founded in 1933. It is distributed in Russia, CIS countries and abroad.

Main topics:


Analytical, scientific and technical articles

Advanced researches of domestic and foreign companies

Economics and marketing

Education and personnel training for ICT


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